Other Writing

Selected Essays:

“Letter From Burma: Captives of the Junta,” The American Scholar  Read

“When You’re Inside the Autism, You Just Disconnect From Everything,” Life Magazine  Read

“Little India, Singapore,” Chef Mateo Blog  Read

“A Call to Compassion,” The Rotarian Read 


The Lost World of the Kalahari by Laurens Van Der Post,” Laila Lalami Blog  Read

“Ant-thropology: a review of The Life of Insects, by Victor Pelevin, and Empire of the Ants by Bernard Werber,” Barnes and Noble  Read

“Between the Bookends of Violence: a review of Paradise, by Toni Morrison,” Barnes and Noble  Read


“Hiding Behind My Pretty Writing,” The Potomac Review  Read

“My Father’s Brother,” The Alaska Quarterly Review  Read

“Attendance, Poetry, October 29, 2007,” The Courant  Read

“Attendance, Fiction, October 30, 2007,” The Courant  Read

Other Works:
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Cement and the Foundations of a Company Games People Play! England! Games People Play! Russia!
The Best American Short Stories The Pushcart Prize  The Hopwood Awards: 75 Years of Prized Writing Keeping The Wolves At Bay